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The Bags are Packed

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Getting ready to leave, the bags are about packed.  Actually the closet shelves seem to be working well.

One bag for pants, one for socks, one for shirts, one for boxers, etc.   The space under the bunks holds 4 milkcrates on each side, so heavier stuff is down there, including footwear and jackets.  The cabinets have a crockpot, microwave, plates, food, etc, and of course There is more  food and water under the bunks.  The space accessible from the back of the van holds tools, a Coleman stove, etc.  Heading down the Mass Pike and then the NY Thruway tomorrow.  We will stop when we get tired.  St Louis is on the path and then we will head down toward Santa Fe.

Music To Go

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

We have over 4000 songs in the Ipod and of course  in the home computer.   For the trip, we can use the Ipod with some exterior speakers,  it is now easy to get some good ones.   We wanted a back-up so we  figured out how to copy the songs from the home computer to Ipod files and then into the laptop.  Any teenager could probably do it much faster, but it is done.    So now we have the option of using the computer with external speakers or the Ipod with the same.    

It is interesting to be talking to someone about a musician and if they are not familiar with them, we can give them a chance to hear them.    On our Trans-Atlantic sail, we found out our friends that had been away for 15 years had never heard of Alison Krauss, so we played some of her work.  

We will take some blank CD’s to make some new discs for the van CD player if we want, so that is another advantage of having them in the laptop too.    Our radio  doesn’t have the IPOD input that  most new radios have, so this is a simple way.

We have started a playlist on the IPOD and cut a CD - “on the road”.        Willie Nelson with On the Road Again leads it off,

On the Road Again 2:35 Willie Nelson
Turn the Page 4:57 Sam Morrison and Turn The Page
Truckin’ 5:07 Grateful Dead
I Drove All Night 3:47 Roy Orbison
Come Away With Me 3:18 Norah Jones
Country Road 3:26 James Taylor
Down To The River To Pray 2:56 Alison Krauss
Homeward Bound 2:43 Simon & Garfunkel
I’m Movin’ On (with Hank Snow) 2:45 Willie Nelson
500 Miles 2:48 Paul & Mary Peter
The Rocky Road To Dublin 5:03 The Chieftains & The Rolling Stones
Carrying My Oar 3:00 John Campbell
Waiting For A Train 2:08 Johnny Cash
Ramblin’ 2:46 The New Christy Minstrels
Loving The Highway Man 3:31 Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris
Across the Great Divide 4:19 Kate Wolf
(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 3:00 King Cole Trio
G.T.O. 2:29 Ronny & The Daytonas
America 3:33 Simon & Garfunkel
Copperline 4:21 James Taylor
Working On The Highway 3:15 Bruce Springsteen
All The Way Home 3:39 Bruce Springsteen
Maybellene 2:23 Chuck Berry
Mustang Sally 3:09 Wilson Pickett
Riding in My Car (Car Song) 5:02 Peter, Paul And Mary
Thunder Road 4:47 Bruce Springsteen
(I’m A) Road Runner 3:19 James Taylor
The Road 4:46 Jackson Browne
Take It Easy 4:09 Jackson Browne

Any suggestions are welcome….