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Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Got home August first -  17, 931 miles, 7500 photos,  3 months, and unlimited memories.   More miles than we expected, but many parks have lots of roads to drive around.    The lawn was overgrown - to the top of the riding mower in places     - but am whittling it down.

Lawn (?)

Lawn (?)

The beehives all survived - all 3 look good  - not much honey in two, but a lot of bees. Some nice frames of honey in the other.  Sweet pepperbush is coming in  - hope they stock up.

Effie woke up when we pulled in the driveway  - went straight to her bed by the computer for a while when we came in the house. 

  The apple trees were not pollinated because of the weather - cold and rainy when the blossoms were out and a very localized frost in early June. Trees are growing good, but  hardly any apples this year. 

 Plugged things in and turned them on and things seemed to work well.   Uncovered the solar panels and the system worked fine  - no charge for showers here.

We planted buckwheat in the garden before leaving  - green manure when we till it in.  Seems funny to have no garden.  Hops are growing  - have to pick some soon and make beer.      The neighbor says we have a big doe hanging around  - they named it Jane Doe.   We also saw some wild turkeys.  

Nice to spend few days without driving - washed the van - looks good clean.   Took a few days to empty it out.       Starting to think about a few changes for the next big trip.


more later