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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Fishing in Alaska really  got me thinking about fishing again.   Thirty years ago in the Adirondacks, I used to fly fish for trout, but I dislocated my shoulder several times playing basketball, and fly fishing aggravated it.   I stopped fly fishing and did spin fishing and when we moved to the coast, did quite a bit of salt water fishing, everything from flounder to stripers and blues and even deep water cod.

I caught some reds on streamer flies fished from a spinning rod during a run on the Kenai.  A fly rod would have worked better - even for the combat fishing.   I also watched a guy take a bunch of trout on a fly rod on another part of the river.

This fall, I noticed an ad for a lesson on fly fishing at the Bass Pro shop in Foxboro (MA) and went up.  It was the first time I tried out a graphite fly rod - a 5 weight.    It didn’t bother my shoulder at all and I can still cast.    They also had some fly tying lessons and I took a couple.   Now I  am tying flies and have a 5 wt rod that is ready for spring.      I am thinking about trying out one of the bigger Switch Rods.

Switch rods were developed from the big Spey rods that are used on big rivers like the Spey  in Scotland, they are 2 handed 15 ft. rods.  Switch rods can be switched from one handed to two handed and are more like 11 ft. long.  Most are fished two handed and they are very handy for anyone with shoulder problems, or people that want to cast farther with less effort.    The right hand is more like a pivot point and the left hand can do the major work.    I would like a 7 or an 8 weight - something heavy  enough  for bigger rivers and possibly  light salt water.  They would cast bass bugs and big streamers - they are also great for nymphing with indicator flies.

Our plan of going to Newfoundland and then driving across Labrador will certainly include some fishing.  In labrador, it should be possible to find some waters that aren’t fished much - especially along the new road.