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Labrador Map

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Road completed

We have decided to leave MA and go up thru NH into Quebec.  We will visit Quebec City and then head NE along the St Lawrence until the road heads more north and then to Labrador City.  From there we will cross Labrador to Happy Valley-Goose Bay.  After visiting there, we will head down the new road and eventually to the ferry to Newfoundland.   After a long visit to many areas of Newfoundland, we will take the ferry south and visit PEI and Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

Originally we were thinking about doing a counterclockwise loop, but this makes more sense for us.  If we run out of time, we can  go back to the lower provinces more easily than going back to Labrador.

To follow along, we will go back to putting the blog into catagories by provinces - or states.