What’s next?

We are on Meziadin Lake at a provincial campground  - the road ahead of us is closed due to a landslide.  It has been about 4 days and they said maybe tomorrow it will open at noon.  We are stuck on a beautiful lake that has trout  - although we haven’t caught one yet.   We are thinking of going to Stewart, BC and possibly Hyder, Alaska while we are waiting. 

It is roughly 500 miles to the Alaskan Highway near Watson Lake and another 500 miles thru the Yukon to Alaska. We could get there in 6 days without rushing - and can take longer.  We could get there in 3 days too  - but why?

The mosquitos are fierce - hordes of them  - we wear headnets a lot outside.  Other than that - it is about perfect.   We have to meet Chuck and Carol south of Anchorage on June 27th  - that is our schedule.  

Met a real interesting guy (Bob) from the  Faulkland Islands today - he has a small camper and comes up here camping every year or so.   he is heading up to Alaska too.  He was telling about good salmon fishing in Homer on the in coming tide.   Limitt out in an hour??

Just read a forum  - the Reds are running in the Russian river in Alaska  - maybe we should get there in3 days  - or not.

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  1. Ron Force Says:

    The people of Homer plant hatchery salmon fry in the harbor. When they return to spawn, of course, there’s no stream to spawn in so they just mill around the Spit, making them easy prey for fishers.

  2. Phil Smith Says:

    4:30 Monday June 15– Just heard from the Land Schooner via cel tel-They are IN Alaska at Tok–heading to Valdeez-

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