We got to Alaska about noon – visited the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge. Lots of birds - saw a roosting Trumpeter Swan. Rain off and on - the first time on us since May 4 in Oklahoma City.

Went to Tok and the info center - decided to stay the night at the Sourdough Campground and head for Valdez in the morning. The salmon are running - a little early this year.

The Sourdough Campground has a contesst every night called a pancake toss  - they take this morning leftovers and give everyone two chances to toss it in a bucket  - for a free breakfast  - sourdough pancakes, biscuits and gravy, reindeer and pork sausage,  coffee, juice and friut  - all you can eat   - normally $12.  I watched several people throw it like a fresbee with  no luck, then someone folded one and came close.  I picked out two the same size and weight  - came close on the first one and then had the range and made the second one.  Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Will start posting Alaska stuff under Alaska subheading under Camping.


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  1. Christy Georg Says:

    Congrats on the free breakfast! Nice.

    Hope you are having a great trip, sounds amazing! Hope to meet up with you guys again at the knotting convention in Oct. in New Bedford! Maybe you will make it up to boston to see my big “Nautical Body” show in Sept. Scratches to Effie! Adventure!

  2. Sourdough Says:

    I can tell by your recent posts that you are REALLY enjoying yourselves now. That’s ’cause you’re in Alaska of course! I am a bit biased though.

    I can’t believe how far Worthington Glacier has receded since I last saw it. You used to be able to throw a rock to it from right next to the highway. A grim piece of evidence of global warming.

    A college friend of mine didn’t make it back from a Mt. Sanford climb; they never found his body. Two more friends likewise on Denali.

    One can choose to walk the sidewalks of Anchorage, sail Wasilla Lake or fish alongside the limited road system. To live/see/breathe Alaska you must really get “out there” and sometimes there are insurmountable challenges.

    Stay safe, but DO take a flyout trip like I’ve mentioned. Give Effie a pat for me.


  3. Jeff Mc. Says:

    Hi Fred and Mary Anne,

    I’ve been following your blog/travels. Looks like a great trip so far. Awesome pictures! Thanks for putting the date at the top of your posts.

    Have you found any good beer along the way? I just bottled up a plum melomel this morning.

    Jeff Mc.

  4. Chris Rheaume/Mark Gumprecht Says:

    We’re watching your progress on Google maps, and enjoying your entries. Love hearing about Effie too. You picked a great time to be away. Nor’easter came through and the system hanging off the coast is causing extended gloom-both in the weather and people’s attitudes:-) Branch in our driveway came down and shattered the windshield on Mark’s truck.

    Safe travels, and keep on posting!

  5. John Adams Says:

    I don’t know if you can bring up this link, but I thought you’d be interested.

  6. Diane Says:

    It looks like you had a good view of Denali. The first trip my husband and I made to the Park we never saw the mountain. But on a later visit we flew into Kantishna and got a good look.

    I’ve heard that taking the ferry across the Yukon is kind of an adventure — it’s a small boat and takes only a few cars at a time.

    Enjoy your trip back down through Canada,

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