Campground Dogs and Effie

Having Effie along is a lot of fun, a lot of people want to talk about her and pet her. There aren’t a lot of Newfoundland dogs that we have seen along the way – about 4 so far. Many people don’t know much about the breed – or even what breed she is. They kid about her being a bear. She is always great with the kids.

Sometimes she gets one of these new smells and gives me a “what is #@$& is that??” look. There are not a lot of elk, caribou, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, buffalo or bear where we live.


Leashes are required at all campgrounds. A lot of campers have little dogs along with them - even though a lot of them have more space than we do. Some of the little dogs are OK, but many bark a lot when they see her. I guess they are scared or have a Napoleon complex. She generally ignores them and doesn’t bark back or even pay attention to them. She will recognize other Newfies, and sometimes she seems to think little black dogs are puppies, One of the little dogs was making of a lot of noise at Effie and his owner said to him “You don’t want any part of that”.


Saw a funny thing when I pulled in a roadhouse to get some coffee one morning, there was a great looking big husky type sled dog just walking around. There was a medium sized mixed breed in a car that was barking his brains out at the sled dog. Not sure what he was saying - Probably either “let me out so I can get at that dog” but may have been saying “don’t let that dog in the car – he could eat me”. Anyway, the husky never barked, gave him a disdainful look, pissed on the car and walked away.


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  1. Claudia Grace Says:

    You guys are great–and so lucky to be doing this. Your tips are helpful also-we hope to be able to explore Adirondack Park since we are now in upstate New York through October. Your voyage would be a dream trip for us (minus mosquitos!). btw, newfies are part bear!! The photos are good, testimony to your eye and the Rebel. Happy Journeying!

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