We have camped at a lot of places where they don’t have any sort of hookups - sometime just an outhouse and perhaps a water source. We have also camped at places where they have hookups – usually we choose just the electric. Usually those places have water, flush toilets, a shower – (a lot of times the shower is extra – but that is ok).

The most frustrating thing we have found are the places that advertise wifi - and then don’t even come close to having adequate service. Have been in places that have it if you sit in the laundry room - or in certain sites - but not others. Or - “it usually works good” (but not right now) – or “gee – a lot of people must be using it” (duh – with 200 sites – you might expect that several people might be using it).

We had reasonable wifi service in Chicken, Alaska - they have to generate their own electricity there, but have a big satellite dish.

We have also had people with the arrogant attitude (many times some the ones in the big national parks without wifi) that people can get away from it for a few days – and commune with nature. That is fine for a day or two - but after being on the road for a few months, you want to have communication, and do some business – or even blog. I have heard some of them say that if you want to get online – just drive out of the park and use one of the services that are in the little towns outside the park borders. It is really great when you see these 5 mpg rigs driving out and back and sitting in the parking lots of the businesses there. I wonder if any of these “commune with nature” people have ever wondered if their policies end up with more pollution and more global warming. Gee – then they complain when the glaciers disappear. The Grand Canyon had a at least one cafeteria that you could walk to that had great service – so it is certainly possible.


Having a internet connection over a cell phone network is a good thing if your network covers where you are going, and having your own satellite connection is a good thing if you really need a connection for business - or just to avoid the parks than have no idea of how important wifi is to some people.

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