We have seen all kinds of campers, some with small mountaineering tents, some with motorcycle tent trailers, vans, pickup campers, 5th wheels, and huge motor homes with toads,

We are prejudiced toward the Sprinter and Sprinter based vans, because of the compactness and fuel mileage, but two others really caught our eyes.


One is the Westvalia poptops based on the Volkswagen camper. They are far more common on the West Coast than in New England. They are on the small side for us, but they are cool.


The other is the Airstream Trailers. We were parked next to a new small one in Chaco, very nice. Tonight we are next to about a 30 footer - an “Airstream Classic”. Would love to see the inside of it - but the people aren’t here. We will have to look for an Airstream gathering and check out some of the classics.




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  1. rem Says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog and my feet start itching already!!
    Mainly for all those water stories.

    Have fun travelling!

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