Stopped in a big electronics store in San Jose and looked at the laptops. We are pretty convinced that we will get a laptop during the after Christmas sales  - know there will be some good bargains then.  We are concerned about the size of the screen - probably 15 - 17″.  It seems like the bigger ones weigh about the same as the smaller ones - and the bigger ones may be easier to balance on your lap and of course they will be easier to see - and show DVDs on.  We also found a nice mount by Auto Desk.   You can use it to hang over the steering wheel when you are parked - or hang it over the back of a seat - and it looks like you could sit it on the dash on the passenger side.   That may be easier than making one.

It seems that any of the decent laptops will do all that we need for a traveling computer. We are not into the spectacular computer games that need a huge amount of everything.


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