Night School

One of the things I have been doing every winter for several years is signing up for a course at the local Vocational - Technical High School.    It is really helpful and you can learn a lot about your camper.   You can even do projects there on your rig.  I have taken woodworking, welding, auto body repair, and refrigeration.  You can also take basic electrical courses and small engine repair (in case you have a baulky generator).  
This year I am taking auto body because it will be a good place to install a new vent fan, as well as fix a dent in a bumper and a piece of loose trim. I have some questions about interior trim that I may get some help with. You can also fix some rust spots if you need to.  The instructors are usually very good and happy to deal with motivated adults.   The school near here will easily fit a tall Sprinter in the shop. Nine Monday nights for 3 hours each in a good shop is worth it. Check with the school or the instructor about what is allowed.

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