Installed Skype today.  It is a free program from that gives you an alternative to the phone. If someone else has Skype, you can call them for free - no matter where they are in the world.  If they don’t, for the fee of $2.95/month you can talk to anyone in the US or Canada for as long as you want.   For the whole world, it is $9.95/month.

With a webcam on both ends, you can see them while you are talking.  My first call was to my daughter’s family in CA.   The grandkids thought it was great when they could see us on the computer.

I plan on using it a lot when we are camping  - ther are a lot of campgrounds and businesses that have WiFi - it is a great alternative when we don’t have cell phone service.  Can’t wait to hold up a salmon to show the grandkids..

PS  Skype just improved - version 4.0 is available.

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