Mt. Redoubt Volcano

The wekend eruption of the Mount Redoubt volcano will make the trip to Alaska more interesting.   If it’s history is any indication, it may keep erupting for a few months.   The prevailing wind will spread the ash and in some cases, will make fishing and camping in some areas less pleasant.   We have decided to make very few reservations now and will probably do more last minute ones as the time gets closer and we can see what is going on.  There is one webcam we have found that is pointing at the mountain.

There is a good still photo.                                 

The volcano is west of the Kenai across the Cook Inlet.    It can even affect Anchorage and that is further away.  Air travel was shut down there over the weekend.

Advice from a resident of the area included not making a lot of reservations  - staying loose…


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