The Bags are Packed

Getting ready to leave, the bags are about packed.  Actually the closet shelves seem to be working well.

One bag for pants, one for socks, one for shirts, one for boxers, etc.   The space under the bunks holds 4 milkcrates on each side, so heavier stuff is down there, including footwear and jackets.  The cabinets have a crockpot, microwave, plates, food, etc, and of course There is more  food and water under the bunks.  The space accessible from the back of the van holds tools, a Coleman stove, etc.  Heading down the Mass Pike and then the NY Thruway tomorrow.  We will stop when we get tired.  St Louis is on the path and then we will head down toward Santa Fe.

4 Responses to “The Bags are Packed”

  1. DT Says:

    Looking good! Have safe travels and we look forward to keeping tabs on the van adventure!

  2. dan s Says:

    Have fun, be safe & keep us posted

  3. Betsey Says:

    I’m so excited for you guys! Have a wonderful trip. I’ve got you saved at work, now so I can get a vicarious reprieve (sp?) from hormone crazed teenagers. Kisses to Eff!

  4. Steve & Stella Ryan Says:

    Boy we are jealous! I wanted to introduce ourselves. It seems we have a parallel lifestyle. We too love the boating world (we are livaboards, in Dana Point, Ca) and we bought an 06 sprinter that I am converting to a mini RV. Would love to meet you guys if your still in CA?

    hope you have a great trip!


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