On the Road

We are moving now  - For ease of reading, I will post most stuff under camping  and by the state or province.  It is easier to follow that way than it is when it is in reverse chronological order.  There is a post on New York and will be more states to follow as we head west.

3 Responses to “On the Road”

  1. Sourdough Says:

    Bon Voyage, friends!

    May the folks you meet be friendly, the weather be mildly challenging, the potholes small.

    Look forward to your visit in Oregon next month.

    I’ll be curious about mileage figures……………

  2. Betsey Says:

    You guys are so cool!How’d you get to NM so fast!

  3. Sourdough Says:

    Too fast, guys, too fast! I know yer anxious to see the grandkids but now that you’re past dry ole Texass, time to slow down and see the REAL West!!

    Oh, and how about some words about how Effie deals with this drastic change to her “formerly staid” life?

    The mileage figures look really good. And they should continue favorably as I understand your planned route until you hit the Siskiyous at the Calif/Oregon line. Hell, if you take 101 up the Coast you can skip the mountains entirely until you head inland from Prince Rupert! The stretch of 101 I have missed is S.F. to the Oregon border. It’s much more interesting the the parallel I-5 Corridor, I assure you.

    The Oregon Coast starts getting too touristy just about the time of your arrival, but Coos Bay, Newport, Depoe Bay, Toledo (just inland from Newport by 20 miles) and then Portland and Astoria are all points of interest as far as our wooden boat interests go. The Maritime Museum in Astoria is a must-see for the usual reasons but it also has much to do with the Lewis & Clark Expedition of Discovery.

    Keep on keepin’ on!


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