Newfoundland Dog

Our companion is a small (94#) female Newfoundland. 

We got her when she was about 8 weeks old.

Effie at 8 weeks on Ernestina

Effie at 8 weeks on Ernestina

She loves to go with us and helps keep us entertained  - and exercising.   She is a great swimming dog and has actually passed her Water Dog certification from the Newfoundland Club of America.

Nice Utube about Newfs.

Effie with 3 males

Effie with 3 males

 She is on the left.

On this page, we will add stories and comments about her.

Taking a Dog Camping

I guess here are only two choices when gong on a several month camping trip from MA to Alaska  - including the Grand Canyon, CA to visit grandkids, BC, Yukon, etc.  One is to leave her with someone and one is to take her.  We didn’t want to leave Effie with anyone for that long.   

She loves riding in the van, will wait there for hours  - mostly sitting in the drivers seat. 

Effie Waiting

Effie Waiting

 She is very good with everyone, especially with kids.

There will be worries about her when we have to leave her in the van for ferry rides or when we go to visit some site, but she is good in the van.  We will also have to keep her on a leash in most campsites  - and walk her a lot  - but that is OK.

Another reason to take her is that she helps us meet people,   people come up and ask about her.   There are several thing you can blog about  - many talk about the history of the area, and many talk about the wildlife they see and show photos of the scenery.  These are interesting, but we also want to spend some time writing about the people we meet, so she will help with that.

She is a part of the family   — and we want to teach her how to fish like a bear…..