Van Conversion

The plan is to convert a Dodge Sprinter van into a camper for 2 people and a large dog and take it camping from MA to the West Coast and then up to Alaska.

 We decided to do a long slow camping trip from MA to Alaska  via the Grand Canyon,  CA, and Vancouver Island, and the Yukon, and back in 2009.   Camping certainly gives a whole different experience  - it is far easier to meet people in a campsite that it is in a motel.  It is also possible to stay outside of “normal” campsites on occassion.   Restuarant food can get pretty boring after a few weeks, let alone months.  It can also be expensive.

After looking at some campers and checking out the gas mileage, it was obvious that it would be cheaper to drive a small car, stay in motels and eat out than it would be to drive a camper that got 12 or less mpg.

It seemed ideal to find a nice big van with a small diesel.  After some searching, we found out about the Dodge Sprinter vans.   They are  really  Mercedes that are assembled in the Carolinas.  They have several sizes and configerations.   We got 25 mpg on the way home from FL. 

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Dodge Sprinter Van

Dodge Sprinter Van

We will detail the van and the modifications, as well as thoughts on equipment and supplies, etc.

After some “practice” camping trips, we will blog our big trip to Alaska.