Where to start?  Phone, Computer, TV, DVD player, CD player, GPS, Camera, WIFI,  IPOD, stereo.   

We got  a good laptop this winter,  that will do the Wifi that seems to be available at most campgrounds, motels, etc.  We can  store our music there,  have loaded more than 4000 songs there in ITunes, so that will eliminate the stereo and IPOD, especially with some decent computer speakers.  We can also store the photos there.   The computer will also play DVDs and think you can get a program with a tv receiver.  Instead of a separate GPS with maps and routing, can simply got DeLorme for the laptop with a plug in GPS. That will give us a much bigger screen than the small ones. Now we also have SKYPE - for calling when the wifi works, and even video conerencing  - can’t wait to hold up a salmon to show people…

Will still carry a separate simply cellphone (the fancy ones would be redundant with the laptop).

We have a digital Canon Rebel XTI with the standard lens - found a 55-250mm zoom telephoto with image stabilazation.  That will be handy if we don’t have time to set up the tripod - or try to take a long photo from a moving ferry.  One thing is for sure  - the camera will do far more than we know how to do  - so learning more about it is a good idea, before the trip.  Also have a little pocket digital camera.