Did some backpacking and tent camping when I was younger,  even a winter trip in the Adirondacks.  We did a quick cross-country trip and back thru Canada in the 70’s in an old Ford Van. The next trip will be a lot slower and longer and  we will see a lot more things.

Sailboat cruising is similar to RV camping in many ways, will be interesting to do some comparisons. This time we will set up a van the way we want it (hopefully) and go.

We will have a lot of blogging on this during our big trip in the summer of 09 - at this point we will put subpages in on various areas and/or states and provinces.   Trying to keep it in chronological order on the subpages  - I find it hard to get used to starting at the bottom and reading up. Will try to include lots of photos and some stories about the people and places along the way