New York

Decided to go out the NY Thruway  I-90 instead  thru CT and PA.  The route is slightly longer, but the road is better, not as many big trucks, and a lot fewer deer. I-90 follows  the Mohawk River/Erie Canal and stays south of the Adirondack Mountains.  Lots of rolling hills and farms.

If you want to visit the Adirondacks, you should stop at the Adirondack Museum on Blue Mountain Lake. It is a great spot, especially if you like Adirondack guide boats.

Since we left about 10am after closing the house, we got almost to Syracuse and went a little north to Oneida Lake to camp.  Found a small campsite with a lot of seasonal campers  - and a lot of excitement-  Walleye season opens at midnight and a lot of people are planing on getting started then. Walleyes are a little easier to catch in the spring and they are delicious.  They are one of the best fresh water fish to eat - Salmon and the trout family are tops on my list. 

We will get an early start for the road tomorrow.

7AM was a little better - passed over the Eirie Canal where it goes into Oneida Lake and there were fishing boats everywhere.  Some on the big lake  - but the lake is big and can be  rough.

Later we got pretty close to Lake Eirie later and had lunch at a picnic table on the shore.   Many years ago, I raced on Lake Erie near Erie PA  in a Hobie 16.  The Saturday race was fun, but Sunday the wind picked up and 10 foot waves were rolling in from Cleveland.  They called the race off - but a few guys went out to play.  I remember one guy riding down a wave and he stuck his bows in the sand and pitchpoled (went end over end). He bent his mast pretty good.

  There are lots of grapes grown along there  - they seem to prune them lower that we do in MA.  The campsite we stayed in on Oneida had 190 inches of snow last year, maybe that is why.