We left out campsite in IL at 5 am so we could get thru St. Louis before rush hour.  It was an hour away.  and we went thru easily.  It was nice going over the Mississippi and seeing he riverboats and by the  Arch, the gateway to the west.  We went right by Busch Stadium.

I like Missouri  - especially the Ozark area  - would like to go to the Lake of the Ozarks sometime  - but not on this trip.  Apparently there are no restrictions on billboards. and it was obvious that fireworks were the # 1 billboad subject.  As we got close to Branson, that was clearly #2 - they extended at least 100 miles - they even had their own radio stations.  After that.  it was close between the religious ads and the “Adult “Website ads.

We were paralleling the famous Route 66, one of the songs we hav on the Ipod is Get your kicks on Route 66.

We started seeing some dead armadillos on the road and we thought of some friends that did a road trip to Tesas and put a dead armadillo in the back of their pickup.  Tthey then put it on a road in MA and watched the reaction of the drivers when they saw it.