Utah Rocks

We finally are back online in Moab, Utah.   Been in Chaco, NM, and Canyon de Chelly in AZ. Starting to really slow down and look around.  Found a campsite with showers, laundry and wifi.    Moab is about 2 miles from the Arches National Park and we got in for an hour before they closed, will go back in the morning

Stopped in Moab brew pub and had a beer each  - nicely balanced IPA and an Oatmeal Stout.  3.2 beer but it was good.  Very busy place  on Sat night, many people about half of our age that seemed really fit and very much into the outdoors. A friendly local gave us some good places to stop and a good route to take.  Will do more posts tomorrow.

They are buildinng a special railroad near Moab  - seems like the town got formed and rich because of Uranium mines  - and the processing left a pile of the uranium waste that is leaching a lot of heavy metal into the Colorado river  - they are going to try to load the stuff on a train and take it someplace and bury it in a giant hole.  Nuclear isn’t exactly clean power.


Have been to the Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reefs, and we are in Bryce now.  Will post a lot when we get easy internet access.   Saw 4 mule deer and 4 pronghorn antelope this morning  - camped in the park at over 8000 Feet  - 40 degrees this morning.

We did try some Poligamy porter - but 3.2 beer is not like what we are used to - as a local said - buy beer and go to Utah.  The porter was ok - but –

Zion was our lastt Utah stop before going back into Arizona and heading for the Grand Canyon.