Have driven thru part of Oregon many years ago and was impressed by the place. It has some nice hills and big trees along 199 in the SW corner of the state and productive looking farmland as you get up to Route 5. This time we stopped in Waterloo (near Eugene) at a very nice campgrounds and met an internet friend that have only know from a distance for a few years. Since he spent most of his life in Alaska, it was fun talking to him about that and other things. He is also interested in old boats and hangs out with the Coots, including one that joined us.   We have talked with him a lot about Alaska and visited his place in Sodaville,  we have some good places to visit in Alaska now. We had cooked a nice pot roast in the crock pot on the 300 mile drive.

On the way in, we saw some big fields of buckwheat and quite a few beehives that must have been filling up with buckwheat honey. That honey has a very strong taste, I have had a mead made from that and it is quite good - after many years. We saw some other fields with thick grass that didn’t look like normal hay. We found out that it was grass grown for grass seed (Guess it does not just come from a box at Walmart). After it is mature enough to harvest the seed, it is not much good for hay and it is used as straw.